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Make Decisions. 
Take Action.

GrowthWheel® is a visual toolkit for assisting start-up and growth companies in decision-making and taking action. It helps entrepreneurs get focused, set agendas, make decisions, and take action.

Entrepreneurs can build their businesses through simple action-focused processes that stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work.


Simple. Visual. Practical.


360° Perspective Made Simple

GrowthWheel® was designed around the observation that all businesses have four lasting challenges in common: They must create an attractive Business Concept, build a strong Organization behind it, develop lasting Customer Relations, and do so while maintaining profitable Operations.

GrowthWheel® tools are easy-to-use and deal with real-life challenges for entrepreneurs.

All Business Decisions Made Visual

The GrowthWheel® tools create a better experience for the entrepreneur because visual tools change the conversation. They make it easier to understand a challenge, they inspire creativity, and conclusions are easy to communicate to outsiders. 

The recognizable graphic design in the GrowthWheel® tools is used across topics as different as product design, recruitment or financing. Overall, the tools make everything seem equally simple and easy to deal with. 

Decision-Making Made Practical

Every GrowthWheel® tool is designed to work independently. The selected tool can be placed on the meeting table, on the wall, or even shown on the device of your choice. This allows the business conversation to begin instantly.

All tools are designed with a guideline outlining the intention of the tool, the proposed process using the tool, and the suggested Next Steps having reached a decision. The entrepreneur then has the option to follow the GrowthWheel® suggestions or use the tools in their own way.

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Tools for Conversations that Make a Difference

GrowthWheel® Worksheets help make decisions faster. They contain questions and outline alternatives for decisions to be made. They are like the whiteboard in the conference room, but prepared upfront, so the entrepreneur can focus on the decisions and next steps.


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